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EVM Introduces Made in India 65W And 45W GAN Chargers

Are you planning to buy GAN Charger anytime soon for your smart devices? Here is a good news for you from EVM / Hundia brand.

Hundia Info Solutions Pvt. Ltd, a Mumbai-based leading vendor of computing and mobility products and the brand owners of EVM, has expanded its range of wall chargers today (29th Nov 2022) with the newest offering. 

The homegrown accessory maker has launched a 65W EnBuzz GaN charger and 45W EnRush GaN Charger.

Keeping your gadgets (laptop or smartphones) charged while on the go is an endemic issue for the fast paced users. Today, EVM announced a lineup of chargers that promises to delight even the most power-hungry users. 

The new series uses Gallium Nitride (GaN) for its silicon, which promises much higher power outputs at far lower heat loss. 

In other words: Smaller chargers, More power and less heat. GaN tech isn't new, but it's now appearing in consumer electronics at affordable pricing.

By the way, you might have a question, like, what is GaN in charger? Here is an answer for you.

A GaN charger uses Gallium Nitride instead of the common silicon made available in the market now. This charger can charge a regular laptop and mobile devices at the same time. The GaN tiny charger delivers 50% more power than a 20W faster charger on the market.

This makes it smaller, more energy-efficient, and faster at charging than a traditional charger.