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BCW Expectations at Work - study

Global study reveals changing employees' expectations from employers. BCW has surveyed more than 13,000 people across five industries and 15 countries around the world. 

A new study released recently by leading global communications agency BCW has found that the growing economic uncertainty has forced employees to reprioritize what they want from their employers, signaling a significant shift in expectations since the global pandemic and highlighting a return to basics, with job security, a safe and comfortable workplace, salary and benefits, and a renewed focus on workplace culture topping their priorities.

In India, the study found, different generations have different priorities but pay and benefits drivers do not feature in anyone’s top 10 most important expectations. 

For context, India’s competitive salary ranks 36th overall. Over half of the top 10 expectations for employees in India are workplace culture drivers, including the effectiveness of leadership decision-making (57%) and leader visibility (57%), as well as internal communication (57%) and employee voice (57%). 

Flexibility to choose a work setting (e.g. at home or the office) was deemed relatively unimportant by hybrid workers (ranking it 12th out of 62), signalling a significant shift since the pandemic. Instead, employees are placing more value on the basics of job security, salary, and a safe, comfortable workplace.  

  1. Gen-Z (aged 10-25) wants open, honest internal communication – 68%.
  2. Millennials (aged 26-41) rate a safe, comfortable workplace as their top expectation (65%)
  3. Gen-X (aged 42-57) expects employers to take a stand on issues that matter – 55%.
  4. Baby boomers (aged 58-67) value visible, effective leaders – 61%
  5. Workplace culture drivers top the list for most generations in the Indian workforce.

Overall, a safe, comfortable workplace tops employees’ expectations (59%). Followed by an expectation that C-suite leaders set a clear vision and strategy (59%). Employees in India rate job security as the third most important (58%) expectation of their employers. 

Employees also expect leaders to inspire people to do their best (57%), and managers to give clarity on growth and career opportunities (57%), as well as provide access to necessary tools and technology (57%).