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How to Trade Cryptocurrencies (BTC / ETH / USDC / BNB etc.) considering Up's and Down's market

When we talk about the Cryptocurrency then you would immediately remember the BTC (Bitcoin) first and then the rest, like, ETH (Ethereum), USDT (TetherUSDT), USDC (USD Coin), BNB, BUSD (Binance USD), BUSD, XRP, DOGE (Dogecoin), LTC (Litecoin), ADA (Cardano), SOL (Solana), DOT (Polkadot), MATIC (Polygon) and on.

Many would like to either invest in Share Market or Cryptocurrencies. Other than investing in various business or personal mode, like, few in Real Estate, few in Gold, few in Business, few in FOREX and few in other Jackpot / Lottery scheme etc. It is all are depend on individual's choice time to time beside abiding the local laws.

Each Cryptocurrencies' value either goes up or down in every few seconds and they all are depend on their own business pattern process. You have to study it well before going through it or you have to invest little amount to get an idea about it, practically. 

Share Market or Cryptocurrencies, patient on certain investment is very important though it is not for all. Here case to case or invest to invest differs for action thus results accordingly.

As of now (today, dated July 19, 2022 - 12:15pm IST), few Cryptocurrencies values are as below (screen-shot - click on image for a large view) for your knowledge;

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Their value may change in every few seconds. All in all, the market value of each coin shows over there to know the actual progress currently. You can understand the up's and down's about them.

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In general, people would like to invest in anything when the value is reasonable to invest and expect its value increasing or best exchange to materialize them sooner or later to gain out of it. It may happen reverse sometime as well either for a short or long duration. Hold yourself for a while. Unpredictable for loss or gain, either from share market or crypto investment.

Virtual world is different than real one. Whatever you invest on crypto shall be your extra income just not to affect your regular life due to money investment on this. You can learn few tips on crypto dealing. Also, learn how to handle bitcoin or crypto.

Stay tuned for more update on this.