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What is Bitcoin and Crypto-currency - How it works - Pros and cons

Few months back, very few on the earth knows all about the Crypto-currency and BitCoin etc. Few years back, less than very few people knows about the BitCoin and other related coins, which is peer to peer transaction, or through online transaction or trading through App. 

What is Bitcoin or What is Crypto-currency? If you would like to know these then we will try to learn it. Bitcoin price may go or up depend on the global economical situation time to time. It is like a parallel line of traditional share market.

By this time, you might be knowing all about the founder of the Bitcoin or its value or Crypto-currency history a bit or better knowledge about it or even little involve in it.

There might be pros and cons of Crypto-currency and BitCoin etc. and these in-depth details might be knowing by very few expert till date. If you are already buying or selling Bitcoin or other coins practically then you might be knowing very well compare to earlier days.

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We will try to cover some detail about Crypto-currency and BitCoin here though we can't cover their detail all in all as it is an enormous in deal and detail.

This is a part of Blockchain and can buy or sell anyone across globe as it is a global link process. There is few basic guideline and restriction to buy or sell the Crypto-currency or various Coins though it has no disturbance to go with.
While we are talking about Bitcoin, there would be raising many questions on head, few points known by many and many doesn't it at all. Whoever expert in dealing Bitcoin might have faced up's and down's while going through it.
Most general questions are like, when was bitcoin launched, how bitcoin is generated, is bitcoin legal?, how to buy bitcoin, bitcoin price in 2021 or bitcoin price today, bitcoin meaning, what is blockchain technology, how technology has changed fintech, how technology has changed everyone's life, what is disruptive technology and on. 

Advantages and disadvantages of Crypto-currency and BitCoin:

Each country differs the rule of it (whether to include or exclude them in the auditing etc. though it is considering right now as normal transaction and its usual process in the bank account) and many countries' citizen already enjoying the various Crypto-currencies deals and benefit.

If you are eager to buy or sell the crypto coins then you can try by learning few basic things about them before leap into it or try to invest few amounts (if you neglect) in case if you bear its lose, or enjoy the profit in case if it goes well.

Crypto-currency or various old and new or upcoming Coins are as same as one of its kind of share-market's format where many involve in it for profitable business along with sleeping partner module. Crypto-currency also remind it a bit.

You might get benefit or lose and both have to bear in certain case. Bitcoin become famous as of today due to most of the time its value gone more than expected and its become a prestige matter for many, these days.

One of the best or worst part is you either can become a rich or poor in a very short duration too and it is like a crazy market around. Crypto-currency is unlike share-market commodity where the investors have to wait for a long duration for the return or result.

In case if you face lose from Crypto-currency deal at present then it is not necessary to give up and can wait for some more days to get is value higher and profitable.

If you are confusing on how to buy or sell Crypto-currency and BitCoin etc. then there are few guidelines available online and offline which can be learned easily to step-in.

We also furnishing herewith about the basic guideline on how to enter in the Crypto-currency or BitCoin or other coins purchasing. As of today, BitCoin has gone its value more than $9000 per coin and few hundred dollars goes up's and down's everyday.

How to buy or sell Crypto-currency or BitCoin or other similar digital coins?

There are some other coins which can be bought from few cents to a dollar or more. It is worth to invest in them as well. Yes, to do this, you have to install an apps in your smartphone and then link your personal detail and bank detail to transact the money for buying the coins.

The apps will help you in a friendly manner to do this. Once its app is installed, you may then need to follow its basic guideline to proceed. After this step, you can buy any related coins by investing money as per your strength which the money from your bank account will be deducted directly as you are already linked them in that app. 

You will get the message or email about your purchasing of the coins and it will be on your ledger in the apps. Nothing to worry even if you get lose time being as it might reflect (through notification) up's and down's of the value.

Try to remember the password of your apps to transact these things and keep tab everyday whether you again buy or not through app. You will learn many tactics on various coins and transaction, and possibly will try to either invest in other coins or try to reach to buy BitCoin/s. Your dream will increase and greed too. It might be funny but such a craze as well.

There are few reputed coins aside Bitcoin, such as Ripple, Icons and on. You can go with them to get better experience and add your valuable insight. Once BitCoin (each) value was around less than hundred dollar and its value is around nine thousand dollars per coin. The one who invested in the past or few years or months back would still enjoy them.

Some of the best alternative for bitcoin as below;

  • Litecoin (LTC)
  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • Zcash (ZEC)
  • Dash
  • Ripple (XRP)
  • Monero (XMR)

Tips: If you are planning to buy any coins then you may gradually invest and learn many things out of them. You have to forget the investment for a while and shall not completely depend on them. 

The Bitcoin or other crypto-currency values mostly will go as the best except in rare circumstances where it will go down as well. You have to bear everything and return when needed either to invest in other currency or enjoy partial return. Hope you know now what is Bitcoin or crypto-currency in brief.