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Visual Studio pros and cons

Would you like to know what is Microsoft Visual Studio? How it is helpful? If yes, please find VS detail given here for more info along with its pros and cons.

MS Visual Studio brief:

Visual Studio is an integrated development environment (IDE) and it is using for developing console, graphical user interface applications, Windows Forms or WPF applications, web applications, websites, and web services etc. VS is the right tool if you would like to work with Microsoft products.

Microsoft Visual Studio has few competitors like IntelliJ IDEA, Eclipse, NetBeans, PhpStorm and Xcode etc. so all in all the tool helps to work with various related MS projects. If you would like to know the advantages and disadvantages of the MS Visual Studio then find its brief over here.

Visual Studio pros:

VS will help you to develop Webapps and Xamarin apps for the customers need.

It has a good navigation feature.

VS helps for better search, filter and preview the code which you are working.

It has better customization and can include third party extension as well.

VS is the best IDE in case if your project is of C# (C sharp).

If Angular or Angular 4 is using for UI then VS is best to support type script and Java script.

VS will help you to create native apps for Android, iOS, and Windows in the same solution.

The Xamarin Live Player feature will help you for real-time testing on Android and Apple devices.

The expert can build apps by using HTML, JavaScript, C#, .NET (Xamarin), and C++ etc. 

Visual Studio cons:

VS installation and updates may take time.

Sometime VS needs extensive research to solve the differences with the projects execution.

All previous software may not be a compatible with the new IDE upon migrating from old VS to a newer version.

It is though reliable but might be costly for some compare to other IDE's in the Market.

Tips: If you are developer mainly with MS products then VS is one of the best choice to go with.