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TigerGraph’s - Graph for All, Million Dollar Challenge: Winners

TigerGraph, provider of a leading graph analytics platform today unveiled the winners of the Graph for All Million Dollar Challenge — awarding $1 million in cash to game-changing, graph-powered projects that analyze and address many of today’s biggest global social, economic, health, and climate-related concerns. 

The winning projects,which were announced at this week’s Graph + AI Summit, were hand-selected by the global judging committee from more than 1,500 registrations from 100+ countries, including the Asia-Pacific region.

Four out of the 15 winning entries came from participants based in India

Four of the winning projects also came from participants based in India. Two of the projects emerged as winners under the “Most Applicable” category. 

A project known as “TigerGraph for United Nations (UN) Data” which is the brainchild of a team based India and the UK came in 2nd place, securing a cash prize of USD$50,000. It aims to connect and compare UN data across different sectors and programs for external stakeholders to access, analyse and download. 

Another project known as  “BiasCheck”  came in 3rd place, winning a cash prize of USD $25,000. “Bias Check” is a nifty new Google Chrome extension that fosters critical thinking by identifying biases and spots factual inaccuracies of news sources. The technology also allows users to explore specific topics with differing viewpoints that challenge the status quo.

Separately, a team who created “Project Athena” won in the “Most Impactful” category, coming in 3rd place and winning a cash prize of USD $25,000. “Project Athena” is an automatic, generic knowledge graph framework that builds itself from textual unstructured data and uses natural language to query and apply data. The “Most Impactful” category recognises submissions which improves people’s lives.

Another project which came in 3rd place and won USD $25,000- this time in the “Most Innovative” category is Gemini – a dynamic news search engine that cuts through the noise, remove duplication of news articles and allows readers to delve deeper into a specific topic or explore multiple facets of news they are most interested in. The “Most Innovative” category recognises entries which offers a novel approach or use of graph.

Check all the Winners of TigerGraph, Graph for All challenges here

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