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Tesla's 'Model Pi' smartphone: Rumor or Real?

EV giant Tesla is likely to unveil 'Model Pi' Starlink compatible smartphone, soon. Whether it can be used in Mars or Space etc. other than your place is yet to be confirmed. 

Tesla's rumored new 'Model Pi' cell phone would be powered by Qualcomm's Snapdragon chipset and other flagship features including heavy storage and Solar charging features etc. Disruption in Smartphone for sure if it is real.

If you are looking for Tesla's 'Model Pi' mobile phone's key features, technical specifications, price, launch date, release date, leaked info, where to buy, first impression, hands-on, comparison and review etc. then you could find few of them over here once it is official. 

You can time being check its leaked or speculation info herein below;

Tesla's 'Model Pi' features and specs (unconfirmed):

Processor: Snapdragon 895 chipset

OS: Tesla UI + Android 12



Display: 6.6-inch

Camera: 100MP rear, 32MP front

Battery: 5200mAh, Solar charging support

Weight: 201g

Color: Light Grey, Light Aluminum.

Tesla Pi phone price: Will be updated if it is official.

Stay tuned for more update.