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ZEISS VoluMax 9 Titan tomography system

The ZEISS VoluMax 9 titan is a 450 kV computed tomography system that blends compact design with robust performance. 

This easy-to-use machine enables sharp X-ray scans of large and dense parts such as battery modules for quick and precise quality assurance.

  • The VoluMax 9 Titan boasts the smallest footprint in its class
  • The product offers the necessary penetration strength for precision inspection of large and dense battery modules
  • The System ensures product safety at scale while promoting fast cycle times
  • Uncompromising ZEISS support maximizes productivity and minimizes downtime

The wide double sliding doors, automatic axis positioning for convenient loading, and control console integrated into the system cabinet promote ergonomic operation, user safety, and the processing of parts up to 590 x 700 mm in size. 

Such productivity gains naturally ensure a swift return on investment, which Petra Schmidt believes is key to the core values of the system: “Titan stands for strength, power, resilience and robustness. This is exactly what our product delivers.”

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