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SHARP-QNET ZENsational Air purifier: Launches and features

QNET, one of Asia’s leading direct selling company, offers SHARP-QNET ZENsational Air purifier and Plasmacluster ion products with Sharp’s patented Plasmacluster® ion technology (PCI) in the device to help deactivate airborne novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2), when exposed to the technology for approximately 30 seconds by 90%.

  • SHARP-QNET Air purifiers with Plasmacluster® ion technology deactivates Coronavirus by 90%.
  • The patented Plasmacluster® ion technology demonstrates effectiveness in reducing Airborne Novel Coronavirus (Sars-Cov-2) when exposed to the technology.

The PCI Technology has been certified by over 30 global Institutes, including IIT Delhi. The study on efficacy of PCI technology in deactivating coronavirus was undertaken by Japanese professors of Nagasaki and Shimane University.

SHARP-QNet ZENsational Air Purifier has Sharp’s patented Plasmacluster® ion technology, an integrated humidifier, and 7 Intelligent-Detection Modes, the first of its kind in this category. The co-branded air purifier is the second product partnership between QNET and SHARP.

The product models - SHARP-QNET Plasmacluster® Ion Air Purifier and ZENsational Air purifier are QNET’s top-selling products in recent years in India. The ZENsational Air purifier has an intelligent sensor system that monitors and indicates the dust, odour, haze, temperature, and humidity conditions of the room.

Based on the requirement, the sensors detect the need and automatically adjust the function, resulting in energy efficiency. QNET’s distribution channel comprises a strong network of over 5 lakh distributors spread across key cities in India.

SHARP-QNET range of air purifiers are available for purchase on

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