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Road safety tips safer journey: Limit yourself

What if you have a latest and sophisticated car or vehicle and the best road (two or four and above lanes) in the nation to drive it with the speed limit given by the authority but the driver is indiscipline or senseless driving? 

Would you expect safe journey or road safety from these? Will it affect only him or his co-passenger or vehicle alone or passerby too?

Listen carefully if you are an educated and convey this message to the driver whose are educated or uneducated or who drive the vehicle often. Yes, there were around one Lakh fifty thousands' (1,50,000) death on the road accident in 2018 in India alone.

Don't you get shocked? This count and average is increasing every year despite decreasing. China have decreased it on various awareness, campaign, control and cooperation. Will India or Indian driver reduce the count or average like this?

Our team recently attended the Toyota India Hackathon event where we come to know this astonishing statistics and concern overall. 

Is this the main purpose of our citizen fellows who drives? No responsible? Often slight ignorance? Don't you think Speed thrills but Kills? 

There are many questions arises like this on this topic. Despite the country have an advance technology and one-touch communication but lack of on-time (accident) communication create more chaos and deaths on-road itself before taking them to the emergency. 

How to solve the issue? The young chap tries to code something that can be helpful for off-line communication too that can help the concern in case of emergency anywhere.

As per the expert, there are two categories who drives the vehicle. One is educated and the other one is uneducated. Some of them are valid (driving) documents holders and few of them partially or none. 

Within these two categories, few of them driving with sensational drive abiding the discipline and few of them just for thrill and no sense at all. Conflict and jeopardy arises now and then.

How to overcome with senseless and number of accident increasing issues?

Carelessness, thrill, traffic violation, few youth's adamant, crossing issues, signal breaks, indiscipline, no driving management and on are the reason for such a result. 

There were / are many campaigns, sign boards, guidelines and supervision done by the concern authority but few of them overtaking it. The result is in front of you. The affect is not only for the one who drive the vehicle but many who come across over there.

Road safety tips for safer journey:

No expedite.

Make sure you are healthy (if driving).

If unhealthy and wanted to reach then try to take an alternate cab / vehicle option that other drives for you.

Make sure vehicle is in perfect running condition, if you drive.

All (driving) documents are with you, at least a copy of them.

Don't use Alcohol or other associated unconscious items before driving.

Follow road management and discipline at any cost.
Don't over-speed.

Remember, someone is waiting for you, on return.

Also, check the alternate option, like you can use the share cab or other transport mean if you are going alone or with group etc.

Speeding or over-speeding might save you extra few minutes to reach the destination compare to the others but not sure about the control of the vehicle which might turn it as negative. 

You have to limit yourself that you need to control the vehicle and not the vehicle shall control you at any cost.