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Tesla's Cybertruck: Launches, features and price

There are popular news from Tesla since November 21, 2019. The technology innovation from the brand often comes out, now and then.

Tesla, this time introduced powerful Cybertruck to the world. The Cybertruck (pressurized edition) is official right now and it is said to be a truck of Mars, as per Elon Musk. Tesla also working on Space project. Are you interested to know the latest Cybertruk news? Here you go.

In fact, the subject vehicle is unexpected one. It is more than a sports car to say. The future truck is here and it's response and order receiving is enormous.

If you are interested to know Tesla Cybertruck's key features, technical specifications, available date, how to book, variants and price detail etc. then you could find few of them.

You can find three versions of Cybertruck. The first one is, single motor RWD, the second one is, dual-motor AWD and the third one is, tri-motor AWD.

Tesla Cybertruck features:

We have given its brief over here. The new and innovative commercial truck is powered by Electric engine with 250kW+ Supercharging capability and On-board 120 / 240V AC outlets.

250kW+ Supercharging capability.
Adaptive Air Suspension.
On-board 120/240V AC outlets.
Exoskeleton (not a chassis).

Stay tuned. We would update more about the truck soon.

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Tesla Cybertruck price: Starts at $39,900. Pre-order is available. As per the source and latest update on this, more than 200,000 order received so far.

Tips: Future car / truck, and for Mars usage too.