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Microsoft Academia Accelerator Winners 2019

Are you looking for Microsoft Academia Accelerator 2019 participants, winners, runners and prize details etc.? If yes, please find its brief over here.

Microsoft Academia Accelerator program helped Students to showcase their innovative Disaster management solutions based on Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Mixed Reality and Natural Language Processing etc.

Microsoft India hosted AXLE, a collaboration between Microsoft and Academia. The students have to go through on AI with keynotes, tech talks and projects that showcased innovative ways of using technology to solve real world challenges.

There were Computer Science faculty, Microsoft leaders and employees, several industry influencers and students from top engineering colleges of India who showcased innovative ways of building state of the art technology to predict or manage natural disasters better.

Microsoft offer techies to ensure build richer, cleaner, healthier societies, and AI could be considered the foremost. With respect to this, the theme for Codefundo++ National Challenge under Academia Accelerator was “Build state of the art technology to predict or manage natural disasters better”.

The challenge received great response with 5000+ participating students across 21 colleges, and 350 + new projects as Academia Accelerator program celebrated its seventh year of collaboration with students and faculty in India. Top 21 teams showcased their solutions today at the new Microsoft Campus in Bengaluru, India.

Microsoft Academia Accelerator 2019, Winning Team Projects: 

Winner: IIT Madras: UAVs for Disaster Management. Prize 5 lakhs

The access to accurate information and the capacity to respond with life-saving assistance is critical when disaster. The project is to solve the exact issue by creating an end-to-end autonomous system, to provide precise information about where exactly the people are stuck, with the use of UAVs which are powered with AI and Computer Vision. 

The system can efficiently distribute the drones to cover maximum area, and perform intelligent tasks such as detecting people (both visible and partially visible), whether they are able to move or not and activity recognition to help in optimizing the resources available.

First Runner up: IIT Guwahati: DUBG. Prize 3 lakhs

DUBG is a mixed reality app for efficient post disaster management. Rescuers are busy during operation, which is why this app is based on Mixed Reality so that rescuers don’t waste time on pre-planning their routes and operating any device for communication. DUBG makes basic tasks like communication, navigation and current status monitoring easy for rescuers.

The team’s vision is to create an Augmented Reality based navigation system enhanced by voice assistant to make the rescue drives hassle free. Using the current technology of MS such as Mixed Reality and Azure Speech Recognition, the IIT Guwahati team has reimagined current disaster management system.

Second Runner up: IIT Jodhpur: Disaster Chain. Prize 1 lakh

The project is a distributed IoT-based solution, deployed in different sections / rooms of the building with the target as home / building automation solution, which acts as an early warning system and takes precautionary measures on detection of disasters, offloading crucial immediate steps from the cloud to edge, while staying connected to the cloud for data storage and further analytics.

It works with an Android app (skinapp), using an exported tensor flow model trained on Microsoft's custom vision service (cognitive services) to predict skin diseases offline (for survivors rescued from the disaster zone).

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