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iPhone 11 smartphone: Leaks and features

Apple used to launch their latest smartphones every year in September month and it's leak used to begin during the month of May and on. This time we came to know Apple's iPhone XI leaked info and image little earlier when compare to the past. The leak info may or may not be a correct one.

Few says, Apple supplier might have just leaked the iPhone 11 image and some features detail etc. anyhow, we are going to share some of the leaked info and image herewith. 

If you have a question like what to expect in iPhone 11, what would be the price of iPhone XI and when the phone will be launched? etc. then we would update about them once it is officially confirmed. Time being you can check the leaks, rumors and speculations of the upcoming iPhone XI.

Apple's iPhone XI features (expected):

The phone is expected to launch with the latest chipset / processor of the brand that can be extra powerful to manage additional multi-tasks, speed and graphics. The mobile phone is anticipated with the high-end features compare to the existing iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max etc.

The operating system of the iPhone 11 could be iOS 13 with additional features including the auto-night mode and additional app etc. The gadget would hopefully sport three rear cameras. One leak image shows triple rear camera and one shows just two cams. The device might be an advanced to an iPhone XS and iPhone XR etc., and possibly match the 5G features, so, let us wait and see on this.

As far as the display of the iPhone 11 is concerned, the leak info hints about the full display finger print unlock like APEX one, and face recognition. In addition to this, the USB-C type might be changed to a latest one or an innovative one.

iPhone 11 phone is expected to come with fully-packed features including, software, hardware, cool features and on.

All in all, there could be many changes in the upcoming iPhone 11 except metal body and Apple's own pattern of the cell phone. Stay tuned for more update on this.