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My SQL server - DPS 2018 summit

It is all about the Data Platform Summit 2018 that will be conducted by the DPS team, and Amit Bansal, who is an expert in MySQLserver and Data platform.

The warm up event was conducted today for Geeks at Microsoft for an upcoming grand Data Platform Summit 2018 in August. The date and registration procedure detail is given below and/or its official website is given to get in touch.

Today, we had learned a  bit about SQL code, queries, challenges, trouble-shooting, solutions on different queries. And, if you have a SQL question like (below), what is / are...

subsets of SQL?
table and field in SQL?
joins in SQL?
CHAR and VARCHAR2 datatype in SQL?
a Primary key?
the difference between SQL and MySQL?
clustered and non clustered index in SQL?
Index and different types of Index?
DROP and TRUNCATE commands?
the different operators in SQL?
etc. etc. and many more then you would get help from the expert who's a mentor and profession in SQL since many years to solve and troubleshoot on each and every SQL issues.

Please note that there will be a Data Platform Summit 2018 on August 9 to 11, 2018. You may register and participate to learn SQL server detail from the expert as much as you can.

You can visit for more detail. You may also visit and for better understanding.

Tips: It is just one place to learn entire SQL detail.