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Parrot Mambo Code drone: Full specifications, features and price

The brand, Parrot has released few drones for beginner and professionals. One of them is Mambo Code drone.

Here we have updated few things about the Parrot Mambo Code drone that might help you to know more about it and learn out of it.

Anyway, you can also find the Parrot Mambo Code drone features, technical specifications and price detail other than its hands-on review and comparison, or pros and cons etc. herein below.

Parrot Mambo Code drone features:

The flying object comes with Flypad, 6 month subscription to Tynker, and stabilization and flight control software features etc.

No experience with coding or flying drones is required to use this device. However, you can Code this mini-drone to swing into action, and to avoid obstacles. 

Its connectivity is all from Bluetooth connection, 65 ft / 20 m with Smartphone, and 200 ft / 60 m with Parrot Flypad.

The drone can reverse, rotate, flip in both directions and even perform a magical takeoff from your hand. You can use the gadget as you like to take photos or videos etc.

It has 8 min battery life with bumpers, 30 min charging time with a 2.1 A charger. If you are looking for a cheap and best drones then this is one of the option for you.

Mambo Code drone specifications:

Sensor: 3-axis accelerometer and 3-axis gyroscope
Dimension: 7.1 x 7.1 inch / 18 x 18 cm with bumpers
Battery: 550 mAh LiPo 
Camera: 60 FPS vertical cam with 300,000 pixels
Bluetooth: V4.0 
Weight: 63 g without bumpers or accessories
OS required: iOS 7 above, Android 4.3 above and Linux

Parrot Mambo Code drone price: Approx $56 (yet to be confirmed).

If you are searching for mini drone or a normal one then you would find them in their official website.

Tips: You can buy the drone from this brand - it has the drone for beginner and professionals.