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Alphatec unveils Cybersecurity Vertical, Introducing GuardDog AI in India

Alphatec, a pioneering provider of innovative AV technology solutions, is excited to announce the launch of its Cybersecurity Vertical, an innovative initiative aimed at fortifying customers against the escalating threats of digital attacks.

As a pivotal component of this new venture, Alphatec proudly introduces "GuardDog," an AI-enabled, technology-driven solution designed to safeguard systems, networks, and programs from potential cyber threats. 

In an era dominated by technological advancements, the proliferation of digital threats poses a significant risk to businesses and individuals alike. Cyberattacks targeting sensitive information, ransomware-driven extortion, and disruptions to normal business operations have become prevalent challenges in today's interconnected world. 

At the heart of Alphatec's Cybersecurity Vertical lies GuardDog, an innovative product engineered to provide robust protection against cyber threats.

Leveraging advanced artificial intelligence technology, GuardDog is designed to monitor, detect, identify, and prevent digital attacks without the need for constant 24/7 security and surveillance personnel or extensive infrastructure investments.