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FlexiTwin: Ultra Fast and Adaptive Charging for any EV

Flexi is a game-changing battery platform designed to revolutionize how to power electric vehicles, making them not only environmentally friendly but incredibly practical to own.

It's not just a battery—it's a power-packed revolution!

Flexi consists of fast-charged enabled FlexiPack and its Digital Twin, FlexiTwin which enables us to unlock Ultra Fast and Adaptive Charging for any EV.

Key Features of Flexi:

FlexiPack: Your Energy Powerhouse

    Ultra-fast charging in just 15 minutes for a 50 km real range or 55 minutes for an impressive 100 km range.
    Charger-agnostic technology, compatible with any 3 kW charger or public charger.
    Reliable performance for over 4 years with a "no questions asked" warranty for 1500 cycles.

FlexiTwin: The Digital Genius

    Adaptive charging based on user patterns, driving behavior, temperature, and time of day.
    Comprehensive battery health management through a single web app, including State of Health, Capacity Fade, Wear due to charging, Calendar wear, and more.
    Warranty extension of up to 40% (up to 2 more years) through a combination of Adaptive Charging and Health Management.

Impact on Stakeholders:

Fleet Managers: Imagine reducing downtime, costs, and driver dissatisfaction by enabling vehicles to charge in under 1 hour at home or 15 minutes at a public charger.

Vehicle OEMs: Gain a competitive edge by integrating Flexi into your vehicles, unlocking rapid charging capabilities and valuable insights into customer interactions.