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EZVIZ C8C Outdoor Pan/Tilt WiFi Camera: Features and price

EZVIZ, a Global smart home security company, has introduced the all new - EZVIZ C8C, an “Outdoor Pan/Tilt Camera” packed with unique features. If you are planning to buy security camera anytime soon then here is a best opportunity to get the top products.

The C8C has been created to address difficulties in outside surveillance and protection and offers impressive capabilities including panoramic monitoring, AI-powered human shape detection, color night vision, and event-triggered active defense. 

EZVIZ C8C Camera features:

It is an all-in-one camera that successfully sees, detects, and deters in response to needs for property security.

The orb-shaped C8C is appealing and compact enough to fit in any room of the house and retail shops. 

A 360-degree field of vision makes it simple for the camera to capture views of broad outside areas where other traditional outdoor cameras cannot reach. 

An outdoor Pan Tilt camera is a more cost-effective investment, as one single camera can watch a large area from different angles, while many families still use multi-camera setup to achieve such purpose.

Additionally, the camera has a microphone with noise cancellation. To see and hear what's happening, users may effortlessly control the C8C using the EZVIZ App on their smartphone. 

Additionally, the C8C includes two exterior antennas for improved Wi-Fi connectivity. It also has a weatherproof enclosure, due to which it will continue to function well even in extreme weather conditions such as wind, rain, or snow.

EZVIZ C8C Camera price: INR  6999.

Where to buy? Available in Offline stores across India &