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How to delete all checkboxes in Excel sheet

Sometime check box is added on the Excel worksheet by mistake or manually or automatically and it annoys the user since it is actually not required over there. 

Since all are not MS Excel' expert though it has huge features to use effectively, you may be looking out to remove the accidental or unwanted check box appearance from the important Excel sheet and like to know how to do it (DIY) or rather how to remove it steps?

Here is the simple guide to remove the check or uncheck boxes object from the MS Excel sheet.

How to remove check boxes in Excel sheet?

Step 1: Go to Excel sheet where you have 'check or uncheck' box option to remove.

Step 2: In that sheet, top right, select "Find & Select" option.

Step 3: Click on "Go to Special" option over there. Another pop-up will come.

Step 4: Click on "Objects" button and then click on "OK" button to proceed further.

Step 5: The 'check box(es)' will be highlighted, press 'Delete' button from your keyboard immediately to remove it. Save the sheet. You're done.

Please note, if there is no such check buttons on the sheet then the message of 'Object Not Found' would appear on it.

We suggest you to go through the above screen-shot for better understanding them beside the steps given.

Hope this info helped you.