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Redmi 10 smartphone: Launching on...

After a little break of Redmi Note 11 Pro series launch, Redmi is going to be busy again in launching the budget smartphone. Yes, Redmi 10 smartphone will unveil on March 17, 2022.

Its predecessor Redmi 9 was launched almost a year back, so, it's fans are waiting for the budget smartphone from Redmi, definitely.

The brand directly hinted about the Snapdragon processor in coming device (Redmi 10) when compare to MediaTek chipset in the earlier one (Redmi 9) when it was launched.

The brand also says that it would come with the new camera beside larger battery power compare to the earlier one.

What will be the other main features and specifications of Redmi 10 mobile phone? Do you have various queries as such on the subject phone?  If yes, stay tuned for its update here.