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Okinawa Galaxy Store in New Delhi

How do you feel if a scooter is electric? Well, look at it. It's obviously shocking. Current license is required to use it.

Okinawa Autotech, one of India’s most indigenous and top-selling electric two-wheeler manufacturers, announced the launch of its third Okinawa Galaxy Store, in New Delhi. 

Are you interested to know more about the latest Okinawa Galaxy Store and its services? If yes, kindly spend few minutes on this page and go through the following.

In December, the company launched its first Galaxy Store in Dehradun followed by its second store in Jaipur in the month of February. By launching another Galaxy store in the capital of India, the company is targeting to engage with its customers by offering them its largest range of Electric-2-Wheelers.

At the Okinawa Galaxy store, customers can interact with the products and learn more about the brand. It is an awe-inspiring attempt to connect customers with the brand, an attempt to bring forth the entire range of Okinawa's electric two-wheelers

The futuristic tech experience centre is a vibrant, perceptible, and interactive environment where customers can experience the brand from its inception.

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At Okinawa Galaxy, the public is invited to celebrate the occasion by browsing the largest range of high speed and low-speed scooters - priced between INR 61,998 to INR 82,995 in Low Speed (including Okinawa R30, Lite and Dual) and INR 64,797 to INR 1,05,990 in High-Speed (including Okinawa Ridge+, Praise Pro and iPraise+).

In an exclusive event hosted on 22nd February 2022, Okinawa inaugurated the Okinawa Galaxy store. Thus the visitors got a chance to examine crucial components such as the battery, motor, and chassis in greater detail. In the state-of-the-art Galaxy Store, Okinawa also offers a customizing area where customers can opt for fascinating bespoke hand-painted scooters. 

The store includes dozens of Merchandise products. The company further aims to inaugurate 40 more experience centres in the country by the end of 2022. The expansion of Galaxy stores is planned in a strategic manner so as to let more potential customers experience the best of technology in electric two-wheelers. 

Okinawa Autotech is gearing up to the launch of two new electric two-wheelers this year and the Galaxy Stores will exclusively feature these products as and when they hit the market!

Okinawa Galaxy Store, Delhi Address: Moissanite Automobile PVT. LTD, F-1/9, Main Road, Okhla Industrial Area, Phase-1, New Delhi - 110020.