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What is Wordle and how to play it?

What kind of Tea is hard to swallow? Reality. Do you have a question like this or about the Wordle game? If yes, read this article for easy play on this.


When you type Wordle in Google or other search engine tools, you will get the link of Wordle as

You can download the Wordle app in your smartphone as well for better learning and sharing instantly.

What is Wordle?

In a simple manner, it is a Word puzzle game. You just need to go to that website or app and start to play with five alpha letters.

How to play Wordle?

The first five box will fit for five Alpha letters. Assume that first five box you enter as TIGER, result will be as below;

  • The Green one is correct Alpha letter in correct place.
  • The Grey one is Wrong letter and shall not use it for better result.
  • The Yellow one is Correct letter in a wrong place so that you can use it in a right place next box.

That's it. If you place exact five letters in exact boxes then you will get a Green color for all letters and Wordle comment accordingly. 

Also, few words will come with two same letters consecutively or in a different place within five boxes. It happens recently for us as "ROBOT" - here two O letters came in for one word result.

You can share it on WhatsApp or other Social media about your performance on Wordle.

Try to identify the best and suitable letters within two or three box rows to get the valuable comment, and become an expert gradually.

Wordle game is for a daily basis. Different word contest daily. This is the best one for all including kids, youth or old etc. to learn more and more.

Enjoy Wordle to acquire knowledge.