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Few memorable Nokia mobile phones

You might be user of one of the Nokia mobile phones currently or in the past. It could be one of the popular one or less known one from the brand. However, we could share with you few of the memorable mobile phones from Nokia.

It has a long list to share but we have stated herewith very few. Other might be with a image here that you could recall them.

Nokia 3310

This was one of the toughest mobile phone. Toughest mean, in many, initially hard to get it due to limited stock region wise, later, slowly able to buy it across the countries due to expansion of the stock. 

The phone was released after the success of Nokia 3210 that came without antenna in mobile compare to earlier version. The price was okay at that time though the same price will help you to buy a average smartphone today.

Nokia 6600

This was one of the dream mobile for many. Mid-range mobile phone with an advance features at that time. Easy to browse the net. Mini-computer. Bluetooth helps to go around on the net. Little heavier though.

Courtesy: Pinterest

Nokia N73

This was an high-end mobile phone at that time and the successor to Nokia N72 phone. The better specs at that time compare to Nokia 6600 and N72. The price of the phone also higher when compare among. One of the memorable and successful mobile phone at that time.

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