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FA Analytics app from FieldAssist - a leading SaaS-based automation platform

FieldAssist, a leading SaaS-based sales automation platform and a Mobile-First company launched its new mobile app, FA Analytics, contributing to the field of CPG. 

The App targets business leaders to shape the CPG industry as it regularizes the sales process by providing real-time data, on-the-go analytics and personalized dashboards to create a direct impact on the business. 

Serving as a doorway to business intelligence, the app shortens the distance between data and decision by making it easily accessible at any time and anywhere. 

  • The application will empower users with real-time data and personalised dashboards across key business metrics.
  • Regularisation of the sector through analytics on the go will increase the potential of sales fleet.

With a cutting-edge competition in the field, the CPG brands are striving to bring their A-game to the table, and FA Analytics will enable brands to unlock the power of data and winning the market by empowering them with actionable analytics to make informed business decisions. 

The app escalates the success graph of the brands by simply allowing them to react to the market situation quickly. 

The employees find technology in the CPG sector as too complex for salesmen and top management. They often feel the need to refer to an analyst for simple reports and KPI dashboard - which often leads to variations as the sourced data gets irrelevant and stale. 

Eliminating the concern of real-time data, the app allows the professionals in the top management to take control and use freshly sourced data for their analysis, even while they are travelling. 

The App aids in making quick decisions, along with challenging the stereotype of being able to be productive on-desk only. Encouraging the employees in staying more committed towards their profession by providing constant access to the data and analysis, the app empowers one's business like none other. 

Post working with leading CPG players like Bisleri, Everest Spices, Jockey, Haldirams, Syska, Eureka Forbes, Del Monte, Revlon, the company identified the loopholes and is trying to create viable solutions through this unique application.