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JioSaavn's Maximus and Showcase features on new Ad Experiences

JioSaavn has launched new Ad Experiences Maximus and Showcase, as part of Advertising 2.0. 

Would you like to know what is JioSaavn's Maximus and Showcase features? Are you looking for more detail on JioSaavn and its latest new Ad Experience features? Are you interested to know about music, entertainment and its app function etc. If yes, here you go for its brief.

What is JioSaavn's Maximus features?

Maximus is a full-screen display ad takeover that renders at the launch of the JioSaavn app. It is a 5-second non-dismissible branding product that ensures maximum visibility as the first impression.

What is JioSaavn's Showcase features?

Showcase is an interactive display product that offers brands a customization ad placement at the top of the JioSaavn app's homepage. This always-on ad experience stays anchored and doesn’t disappear for the duration of the campaign. 

JioSaavn, the largest audio streaming service for South Asian music and entertainment, has led the market in audio and content association solutions for advertisers since 2014. 

The streaming platform has experienced five-fold growth in terms of MAUs (Monthly Active Users) in the last year alone, with greater expansion into tier-1 and tier-2 cities.

The largest music service in the country, JioSaavn is addressing Jio’s unmatched 340 million user footprint and has become the most downloaded OTT music platform in app stores today. 

As a unit of Jio, the streaming platform will now offer brands the opportunity to connect with its exponentially growing listener base, announcing today the addition of all-new display ad products - Maximus and Showcase.

Maximus and Showcase are designed to ensure that brands grab the attention of millions of listeners on the platform in the most effective way. 

These high-impact offerings reach the entirety of the streaming platform’s ad supported user base while continuing to keep the user experience at its optimum.