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Redmi X: Launches on 15 Feb 2019, and leaks

Xiaomi's Redmi has hinted about its upcoming X device as launch date on February 15, 2019. We recently came across about Redmi Go smartphone and Redmi Note 7 gadget. So, there are some more in line from Redmi in this month and the next one.

Redmi X launch date is mentioned as 15th Feb 2019 and it can be one more smartphones with unique or high-end features. It also can be a different gadget as Redmi X. However, it will be confirmed once it is officially announced it or hint it before or during launches.

As per the leaks, Redmi X will be the mobile phone that would come with SD855 and other high-end features though the speculation may not be a right one.

If you are looking for Redmi X launch date, release date, features, specs, price, first impression, review, unboxing, comparison and hands-on etc. then you could find some of them very soon.

You can time being check Redmi Go and Redmi Note 7 smartphones detail. If you are really interested to know what is Redmi X and how it will be then stay tuned so that we can update about it once we get its info officially from Xiaomi or Redmi.