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Kodak TV speaker 68M price, features and review

Kodak has recently released couple of TVs including LED TV and smart TV with different features and prices. If you are looking for the latest Television from the reputed brand then you have few choices from the brand and one of them is Kodak smart LED TV 50 inches, and other smart TV from the same brand.

The brand also earlier launched Kodak TV speaker 68M in India and is available in few online stores like Flipkart and Amazon to grab it. This is Bluetooth enabled and portable speaker which gives 'the best' audio result for any audio or video linked one.

Kodak TV speaker 68M can also be used with the television as well. If you are searching for Kodak TV speaker 68M technical specification, key features, review and price detail etc. then you can find them herein below;

Kodak TV speaker 68M features:

The speaker can play on Max volume >2.5 hours and 10W output power (RMS). This is Bluetooth connectivity device with AUX IN port, Micro USB jack, range: up to 10 meters.

Kodak TV speaker 68M comes with rechargeable battery and LED light indications of Yellow charging mode. It has built in 

Kodak TV speaker 68M review:

If you wanted to buy the best Bluetooth speaker any time soon then this is one of the option to check and find its detail, that the device gives the best audio result as per own technical experiment for few days. 

Volume setting is on the top of the speaker. The Bluetooth (on/off), USB port, and DC IN option is at the back side. There is an option to fix carrying strap at the back side. The grip has given at the right and left side to hold safely.

There is no any issue in audio result and you can perfectly control the volume via attached devices (smartphone or TV etc.) or from the speaker volume itself. Rest you can try and enjoy the device with high quality of the audio output.

The box of the speaker includes carrying strap, charger cable and AUX IN port etc.

You may also find Kodak TV speaker 68M key specification and price detail below.

Kodak TV speaker 68M specification:

Bluetooth connectivity
Rechargable battery
USB charging
10W output power (RMS)
Play on Max volume >2.5 hours
AUX IN port
Micro USB jack
Range: up to 10 meters
LED light indications: Yellow charging mode
Carrying strap

Kodak TV speaker 68M price: INR 3190/=* (Discounts are available in Flipkart & Amazon).

Tips: The result of the audio output is absolutely fantastic. You can take anywhere easily. The Excalibur blog suggest you to go ahead with the above stated gadget.