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Samsung Galaxy S8 launch, specs, price and rumors

Looking for information on Samsung Galaxy S8 Smartphone launch date, release date, specification, price and other rumor news or speculation around? If so, here you go for it.

Gadget, gadget and the latest gadget. You can see or hear this news everywhere around. There is no day that your friend or relative would have missed to talk about any latest Smartphone or related gadget and even its releasing etc. 

Yes, this is 2016, and lot of differences on gadgets would have seen now compare to last year 2015 and before. Now, the hot topic is all about either upcoming Apple’s iPhone 7 release or Samsung’s Galaxy S8 gadgets.

Samsung Galaxy S8 release:

After the iPhone 7 release rumors and speculations around, now the time is all about Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone release and its rumors too. There are many speculations about these two devices though their expectation is really high from everyone across globe.

Yes, these two devices are well known and people normally eager to know each other’s specification detail and competition among. Leaving aside about iPhone 7 smartphone, we can discuss little bit about the Galaxy S8 rumor news going around.
Galaxy S8 features rumor:
Since the consumers are already enjoying the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge smartphones handy then there is some more good news for them and others who would like to get advance device than the current one during end of the year or the first quarter of the next year 2017. 

Whatsoever, most of them assume that Galaxy S8 would release with 5.5-inch with 4K display / VR, beside that it would have Google's Android Nougat OS onboard.

Some source says that Galaxy S8 may release 4K screen, USB-C and SD830 chip etc. and some other sources says that S8 might be using a newer processor since Galaxy S7 already available with Snapdragon 820 which is going well.

The Virtual reality is the end user would like to have all about the bigger screen with the finest quality of camera result along with many apps and new features. Another question is all about the Google Android’s Daydream VR for selected branded devices.

When will Samsung Galaxy S8 release?
As per history as below, expert and resources says that Galaxy S8 may release in March / April 2017.

Galaxy S7 release date – 11 March 2016
Galaxy S6 release date – 20 April 2015
Galaxy S5 release date – 11 April 2014
Galaxy S4 release date – 27 April 2013
Galaxy S3 release date – 29 May 2012
Galaxy S2 release date – 2 May 2011
Galaxy S release date – 4 June 2010

Once we know the date of MWC 2017 then we can have a clear picture on launching date of Samsung Galaxy S8, officially.

Galaxy S8 specs rumor:

The first question is what’s the specification of Samsung’s Galaxy S8? The specs of S8 would or may come with Google Android’s Nougat OS beside Android Daydream VR feature possibly. 

The screen size of Galaxy S8 might be a 5.5 inch as world expected likewise as a trend. The other one is all about its processor, yes, it must be same or better than Snapdragon 820.

Samsung flagship phones screen size in the past:

Galaxy S7 – 5.1-inch
Galaxy S7 Edge – 5.5-inch
Galaxy S6 – 5.1-inch
Galaxy S6 Edge – 5.1-inch
Galaxy S5 – 5.1-inch

There’s a clear indication of 5.1-inch panels over here, however, it may upgrade to even 5.5 inch as per current trend.

Since Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 is on pre-order in the selected countries, which created big temptation among its fans and they unlikely to wait for next year's Galaxy S8 device.

This is very important to note that Samsung fan wishes to bring back the exchangeable battery for its gadget, if not, LG can chase them anytime.

Galaxy S8 price rumor: It would be around $750-$800* (officially not confirmed yet).

Tips: If you are planning to buy a smartphone anytime soon then wait for S8 too in case if your budget match to grab it.