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Smartphone and its impact – technology innovation

Some says Computers and Smartphones are invented to save the time! Do you believe it? The way people using Smartphone looks like something out of the box on saving the time which is unbelievable, but for some extend, technology helps to execute many business tasks via Smartphone too. How one uses gadget effectively is the matter most than the just time pass, or force to use it for useless thing as an entertainment. 

Nowadays, smartphone size is either increased or decreased with a different name in different time. Yes, some like post card size and some credit card size, and some six pack type and some fatty phone. The end user tastes too differs on device based on their personality.

Do you know when the ‘Selfie’ word begun and become popular?

The technology innovation of Smartphone on rear and front mega pixel camera made crazy for many, there were many reports that some unexpected incident happened while selfie was taken. One of the most disaster happened in the US was that a person took selfie with ‘Gun / Pistol’ and shot himself wrongly and died. 

Some felt down from the bridge, some invited problems in their family or with spouse while they took selfie with celebrity or ex. Some invited problem when they stored the beloved one’s mobile number in Dual SIM like, Husband 1 and Husband 2 or Wife 1 and Wife 2 etc. 

The development of net connectivity speed from narrow band, broadband, 2G, 3G and 4G has brought much revolution within shortest period. One can enjoy 4G speed to watch live sports, movies and all than slow band with buffering which forced us to see images just. In addition, Google Android is ruling the earth from its first ever unknown Alpha version to recent Android M.

The latest smartphone mostly comes with Octacore processor which is beyond the imagination and more than the latest computer config. However, most of them doesn’t know about Octacore though they just uses it. 

The latest smartphone helps for many things, for example, if you are in India and would like to call the cab at night for emergency purpose then you may instantly download the Ola cab apps and get the cab or auto immediately to reach the place where you want it.

There are many fun apps in the smartphone that make you and children crazy to hold it round the clock than real usage. Kids playing game with the smartphone is more dangerous to lose expensive gadget lifetime than kids. Touch integrated attracted everyone.

You may use the Camera effectively for any project, business or even personal matter and share the photos or videos to your loved one via Whatsapp or other apps. The mega pixel camera helps to shoot the picture or video very clear than the old professional camera. It is all about #Technocrats. The latest advancement from Smartphone like owner’s Fingerprint helps to secure the device access at any cost though thieves are very clever to break it.

The lucky group is the one who are tech bloggers who always used to review about just Smartphone and its specification, features and drawback etc. including its unknown tricks exposing to others including manufacturer to invite to their blog, deliberately. 

Those bloggers shall thanks to Smartphone manufacturers for gaining some online jobs which without that their blog won’t visit anybody. Wait, the same for budding Indian Smartphone company too which without tech bloggers, Smartphone manufacturer won’t get that much sales and famous freely except paying for rare bloggers’ event in the city. Have a fun!