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Adobe unveils Miles 2015 Creative Cloud Release

Before sharing the detail about Adobe Cloud, I would like to state that Adobe is celebrating its 25th Anniversary, this year.

Adobe has launched a milestone release of its flagship AdobeCreative Cloud tools and services. This release included major updates to Adobe’s industry-defining desktop tools, Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC, Premiere Pro CC and InDesign CC beside mobile apps for iOS and Android whether it could be of Tab PC or Smartphone range devices.

Advantage of Adobe Cloud features:

Creative Cloud offering enterprise-grade administration, collaboration (between different authorized access users), security and publishing service for design drive sources. Also, Adobe today released Brush CC, Shape CC, Color CC and Photoshop Mix on Android for the first time, to utilize it by millions of creatives worldwide. 

In addition to this, Adobe has also updated many of its popular creative Cloud mobile apps for iPhone and iPad which includes Adobe Comp CC, Photoshop Mix, Photoshop Sketch, Illustrator Draw, Brush CC, Shape C and Color CC. The demonstration was given at the event which let us realized major improvement on this. Adobe Hue CC was debuted today, this new tool helps on easy way to capture and share production quality lighting and color schemes.

The other innovation is, Photoshop CC introduced Artboards which is the best way to design cross-device user experience in a single Photoshop document and quickly preview them on a device. One of the best option I have seen is Adobe helps for 64000 percentage (64k%) zooming the image.

Another improvement is, Lightroom CC and Photoshop CC – both gain the new Dehaze feature which helps to eliminates fog and haze from photos, including underwater shots to show natural and quality image beside manual contrast setting if any. In a simple word, don’t waste / recycle your bad images which this feature of Adobe can turn into a good image.

One more introduction was Adobe Stock which helps to integrate directly into the creative process and tools uses. It helps to make 40 million photos, vector graphics and illustrations accessible directly within CC desktop apps. Adobe Stock is available now in 36 countries and 13 languages worldwide and it is expected to be available in India in the near future.

Adobe helps for Mobile, Social, Cloud and Creative Pulse. The new development helps to use the any extension files in any device accessible. The meet was very interesting to learn and enjoy lunch with a gift of travel pouch.

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Note: After couple of Blogger's meets viz. HP Gaming Notebook releases and Aircel roaming free attended recently, there was one more Bloggers’ and Medias’ event in The Oberoi, Bangalore, on 18th June 2015 from well known brand, Adobe. I had to attend this event and learned as above. Please feel free to add your query or comment.

Tips: Try to use Adobe feature for enterprise by few investment which can be of help to improve your business.