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Tata to first release 100MBPS wireline broadband in India

I got an opportunity last week to attend the launching event of Tata's 100MBPS wireline broadband services to its consumer all over India, the even was at The Gateway Hotel, Bangalore, India on 9th Sep 2014 from 11:30am.

The launch was, you may be surprised about 100 Mega bytes per second speed wireline broadband connectivity from Tata Teleservices which they are already serving in some selected cities and venues. Now, they are about to expand this services to other locations as well, widely.

As per the statement of Prateek Pashine, Head - Enterprise Business, Tata Teleservices Ltd, they are taking every effort what they can for to bring an advance net connectivity and its speed up to 100 MBPS at the moment comparing with other low speed (1.3 MB) current services in India. 

They have also stated that some of the countries are even advanced in such net connectivity services and those countries' consumer can get 500MBPS or 1GB speed matching latest gadget or HDMI TV to watch any program as live streaming without spending too much. We can safely say that one of the best internet service provider in India is Tata, without fail. 

There are many advantages from this service, one of them is remote supervision and Dual setting for the services etc. Other than this, there will be no interruption on internet speed and connectivity for in and out data transfer beside other various features.

Now, consumer can stream the best content or live content or heavy content from the best gadget or device you have and it includes TV service as well. The rental plan is reasonable and affordable for the one who normally needs net connectivity with huge usage daily.

This service is mandatory in this growing world of communication, 14% households uses media streaming devices and there has been a 51.3% increase in subscription streaming revenues in 2014. India alone has more than 251 million Internet users today. India ranks at the 122 position globally for Internet penetration.

Key Features of Tata 100MBPS wireline broadband:
Lightning speed up to 100 MBPS
Limitless plans to enjoy uninterrupted data speed
Wide portfolio of data sachet to choose from
Zero Rental Combo plans