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How to protect our Password - security issue

User ID has no issue whereas Password is the main concern to keep it safe. Since online hackers can play anything around here, so hard to keep the same password to protect our personal detail.

Do you have same concern? Would you like to know how to protect your password. Read this article then.

Generally when we need to protect our email account, online banking account or any social network account etc. we need a strong password, otherwise, hackers can play around easily.

There are many articles and guidelines are available online on these topic but we never adhere them. We finally lost the password due to stolen it by the hackers.

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How to protect our password?

You may come across such a situation in case if you are careless on the Password.

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If you are really concern about the password protection, then you need to follow the steps given herein;

1.  Try to use Alpha, Numeric and Special character for very strong password. Use and remember it.

2.  Do not forget your secret question and answer or Remember your hint question and answers.

3.  When you browse outside or in any office - Do not click on "Remember User ID and Password in this computer".

4.  Always try to use security setting in each account, make sure that you don't share the information with anyone.

5.  Try to understand and ensure you remember password matching your personal info to remember ever with slight changes.

6.  Don't do one of the biggest mistake - not to write User ID and Password anywhere on the note.

7.  Try to change password at least once in a month with slight changes, but remember it.

8.  Attention: Kindly remember not to use much Wi-Fi network system which collects all the data for multiple users.

9.  Make sure you "Logging out", it is very important as most of them just used to close the webpages.

10. Internet Explorer setting is an important - disable privacy data options.

11. Install anti virus to prevent Trojans stealing information.

12. Make sure your near and dear friends doesn't have access to your computer physically.

13. Try not to open or download any executable file unless you know what you are doing - some download steal your info.

14. Always reconfirm your primary / secondary mail address to protect your a/c.

15. Keep a unique password to your account matching website domain name first two or last two letters.

Hope the above steps help you to save your password and protect it from stealing.