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The next OnePlus chapter begins - OnePlus Nord (Lite) - Teaser

OnePlus fans got the above subject email, officially. Something new is coming soon. Yes, New beginnings. The hint from OnePlus is enough for its fan to grab the info from the recent past leaked and speculation about it.

We would assume something too about the upcoming one from OnePlus brand. As earlier said, OnePlus Z smartphone could be one of them or OnePlus Nord is the recent hint for lite version of the brand.

POCO recently announced 'Make In India' version and likewise, we can something expect from BBK too.

The next one is, OnePlus might launch the budget or mid-range smartphones and other smart devices compare to its own premium flagship devices. So, Nord is coming soon. Pre-order started.

Due to huge competition between various brands on the similar phone categories, the step might help the brand to focus on different projects in a different time-line, launches and catch the market actively beside May and October launches of their premium devices every year.

The upcoming smartphone might be in the price range between or around INR 20K with a light version from their premium devices.

Not only this, OnePlus might also launch other affordable gadgets, like, earbuds, powerbank and for budget or lower price.

The brand has announced about their Instagram handling (@onepluslitezthing) as well. So, it is almost confirm that they are coming with lite version, soon.

Stay tuned for more updates.