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Shake well before use - Airtel App

After Telegram and Land phones revolution for a long duration on communication, Pager and Mobile phone revolution came with huge popular in Tele-com services. However, the Pager (messaging service) device released in the market and stayed for a short duration, but the pager was once a prestigious matter for the end user at that time. Later, few well known companies introduced stone sized Mobile phones in and around year 1990. Those Mobile phone used to contain a small antenna for a better signal. 

There were only few service providers based on the region for providing Mobile service and SIM issuance in India. It is anyhow hard to find signals around and even it is harder while roaming to search and find the network signal except in selected cities or very few town areas to use it for attending calls. 

The worst part was heavy charges for both incoming and outgoing calls. Messaging charges too were high. Thank God. Public patiently waited for one more decade to find some changes on Tele-communication services which include device price and reasonable Telecom tariff with better offer. Yes, in and around year 2000, the Mobile phones were slowly releasing with an affordable price which people thought to get at least one mobile phone per family instead of each (what we are experiencing now).

I remember very well that during year 2002 and onward, many cities and towns were shining from the mobile phone users on the road or street or party or at home. The same time, many well known and new Telecom Service provider involved in this business to help further for customer and Telecom department. To achieve milestone, Airtel too begun their service and continue to do with a different offers to its customer since the day one. It brought many developments in Voice and Data service since then. Now, Mobile phone changed to Smartphone device in everyone’s hand, thus Airtel brought various services in advance for its customer and one of them is 4G service for Smartphone and Data card services. In addition to this and to make ease for its customer, Airtel has brought Airtel Apps to get all the services in one place in one touch.

More than three features from Airtel App.

First, you shall know how to download Airtel App to get various offers from it.

1. You can visit Google Playstore to free download Airtel App or you can directly download from the link given here. You may check for more detail at MyAirtel.

2. It is easy to download, once you downloaded the Airtel app, you have to register by entering your Airtel mobile number to proceed further.

3. Airtel App screen will show ‘Your name’ and ‘balance amount’ beside ‘buy’ option for offer.

4. You can see ‘Shake Your Phone to get exclusive offers’ message under your name.

5. Airtel Surprises message will show you with some offers at the bottom.

6. If you really shake your Smartphone with net connectivity, you will get vibrate message on apps with at least seven (7) offers. 
1st one will be ‘Guaranteed Cashback on first recharge’. 
2nd offer will be ‘Full talktime on every recharge’. 
3rd offer will be ‘Free 100MB data’ can be seen. 
4th offer can be seen as ‘Recharge to get App only offers’ with promo code. 
5th, 6th and 7th offers would be ‘Recharge to get exclusive offers from Airtel with different denomination. 
All the options would have ‘Claim or Go’ button to touch and get them.

7. In main menu of Airtel Apps, you will find ‘Add’ option, ‘Notification’, ‘Settings’ and ‘I want to’ and so on. Try to check them to get an idea and great offers.

8. Airtel Apps help you to manage Pay Bills, Prepaid, Postpaid, Track account usage, Broadband and DTH services etc.